Vendredi Vert – What is it ?

Vendredi Vert 

Reduce pollution, one Friday at a time.

Vendredi Vert is a day when each of us, even if you normally are not “eco-friendly” decides to do more of our bit to improve the air we breathe:
Walk, cycle, carpool, use the bus or train and ditch the open wood fire for a day – you can make a difference.
Who are we ?
Vendredi Vert is a group of locals in the Valley of Chamonix who care about our air.
We want to inspire people who are not yet “green” to try at least one day a week to become greener. To change our habits, to think about how what we do daily impacts the world around us. We are not judgemental – we believe that “every little bit helps” and we believe you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. Even if you only make an effort one day a week, it’s better than making no effort at all

Why Should You Care about Vendredi Vert?

* At peak pollution times in the Arve Valley including Chamonix Mont Blanc, 30% more children are admitted to Sallanches hospital with respiratory and other immune system problems.

* Every year air pollution kills 60-80 people in the Valley de l’Arve.

* More than 600,000 trucks come through our valley every year – their diesel emissions cause asthma; bronchitis; lung disease; cancers, and can damage lung growth in children for life.

* Each day pollution is over the limits (about 40 days per year) we breathe 20,000 litres of polluted air in the Chamonix valley. If you are a sports person, this is being sucked even more deeply into your lungs.

* Soot and smoke from the open wood fires rather than modern “high efficiency” stoves and fireplace inserts almost doubles the risk of childhood pneumonia and can cause premature births and heart problems.
What can you do?

We all agree there’s a lot the government could be doing. However we also believe we can all help personally as well. See our pages of hints and tips, guides to local resources etc. to help you on your path to becoming a more involved “eco citizen”.

How to Start Helping Now

* Use ‘greener’ transport – carpool, walk, cycle, take the bus or the train.

* If you have to drive, cut your engine while you wait longer than 30 seconds.

* Avoid using an open wood fire. Change your fireplace to a high efficiency closed insert or wood burner. Use methods to light your fire that do not create extra smoke.

* Encourage your friends and neighbours to join in.